Sunday, 29 September 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Color Club Glitter Wonderland

Hey folks, it's Sunday again!  Is it just me, or is this fall flying by??  It's already less than three months until Christmas.  How the eff?!?!?! *ahem*  Anyway, be sure to check out what Jenny and Kristy are up to today!

Today's purple "shimmer" polish is Color Club Glitter Wonderland.  My memory's a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure this polish was released as part of Color Club's holiday collection last winter (side note: it's a gorgeous collection, oh my goodness).  This polish is called Glitter Wonderland but the particles within it are so small and smooth that I don't really find its name terribly appropriate.  But I digress!  I'm not really sure how to classify this polish's finish to be perfectly honest.  Shimmery glass-fleck, maybe?  I'll let you guys be the judges!

Glitter Wonderland is a beautiful red-toned purple with lots of beautiful magenta and blue particles contained within it.  This polish is definitely on the thin side.  I used three coats for my picture this week and I'm pretty sure it could probably use at least one more coat.  I may have to put this over a similarly-colored creme or jelly some time to see if that helps.  No application issues to report and no qualms with the brush either...I consider this a victory!  But truly, Glitter Wonderland is very pretty and worth the effort of multiple coats!  I think it would look especially spiffy with some kind of glitter bomb over top of it.  I will be plotting future manis with Glitter Wonderland for sure.

Anyhoodle, enough of my babbling!

Here's Color Club Glitter Wonderland (three coats) in indirect day light, no flash:

*swoon* Isn't she a beaut??

Hope you all have a wonderful day! <3

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