Sunday, 4 August 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Urban Decay Vice

Hey everyone!  It's Purple Shimmer Sunday again!

Be sure you take a minute to check out what Jenny and Kristy have going on today. ;)

This week, I am so excited to share with you Urban Decay's Vice nail polish.  Vice has been released alongside Urban Decay Addiction nail polish (which I did not pick up).  Vice is limited edition for some reason, which is a huge shame since it is stunning but I am definitely going to be picking up a backup.  Addiction is permanent.

Vice is a deep, rich purple with tiny bits of red and blue-y/violet shimmer within.  This polish is such a beauty.  If you are any kind of a purple polish fiend, you will need this polish.  The shimmer in Vice gives it a beautiful glow-y quality that you only ever find in the best purple polishes, in my opinion.  In the glaring midday sun, this polish is breathtaking and the shimmer bits really come out to play.  As much as I am singing this polish's praises right now, believe me when I say it is one of those polishes that you have to see in person to really understand how lovely it is.  My pictures only do this polish maybe a fraction of the justice it deserves.

Vice's formula was amazing.  I am not embellishing one bit when I say that.  This polish practically applied itself!  It was incredibly smooth.  I am a messy/careless polisher, so I used two coats of Vice today, but Vice is so rich and pigmented that it looked pretty opaque on the first coat to me.

Without further ado, here is Urban Decay Vice nail polish (two coats).  Please excuse my recently nubbed nails...I am not a fan of nubs or this shape on me *sigh* and the huge gap lol, I should have been more careful during application.  All of the following pics were taken in direct sunlight, no flash:

I think that the next three pictures really speak to the glowiness (that is so not a word haha >.>) of Vice:

I adore this polish!  I have a sneaking suspicion it would made amazing undies for a color-shifting top coat like Clarins 230/Max Factor Fantasy Fire/any indie dupe for either of those two hehe.  I might even try that out for myself some time!

If you are lusting after Vice, you can pick it up in store at Sephora.  Unfortunately, I don't see it anywhere on Sephora's website right now.  Vice can also be purchased online directly from Urban Decay here.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. O M F G, you have put the lust in me big time. Stunning pictures.

    1. muahahahaha! ;) I gave YOU a lemming? Guess there's a first time for everything...usually it's the other way around <3

      Thanks for the pic love, lady!

    2. aw shucks, I didn't know that! :)

  2. What a lovely color and shimmer! And haha, your nubs look great :)

    1. haha thanks for the nub love! ;) Vice is super pretty and worth the money, imo.