Sunday, 11 August 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Cult Nails Flushed

Good morning and happy Purple Shimmer Sunday everyone!

Be sure to go check out what Kristy and Jenny have going on today. :)

Today I am sharing a polish that I have been meaning to put on for quite some time now...I feel like I say that every time I blog lol.  Anyway, today's purple shimmer is Cult Nails Flushed!

Flushed is a violet purple that is absolutely packed with pink shimmer.  I believe this polish is part of Cult Nails' core line and thank goodness for that because it is a beauty.  Flushed looks great indoors and in indirect light, in addition to looking amazing in the blaring sunlight.  To me, this definitely is not a polish that requires a lot of effort to see it how lovely it is (compared to a holographic or duochrome polish, for instance...polishes that only look their best in certain lighting conditions).

The formula and application on Flushed were both fine.  Nothing terrible but nothing amazing either.  Just average, in my opinion.  Flushed went on a bit sheer on the first coat but really evened out to full opacity by the second coat.  I did three coats, however, because I am a messy polisher and needed to cover up a few mistakes I made haha.  I do need to take a minute to rant about the brush that came with my bottle of Flushed right now.  I don't know if this just happened to my bottle or if other folks have the same problem but my brush was a hot mess.  It had splayed out strands everywhere and that made putting Flushed on incredibly challenging for me.  I attempted to capture the brush in picture form to share my suffering with you guys (bahaha, first world problems huh?  THE HORROR) but my crappy camera wouldn't focus properly, so I gave up.  I will say that the brush wasn't quite as bad as the Hits Mari Moon polishes, that's a huge plus.  Lordy, those Hits brushes were the worst I've ever seen.


Anyway, enough of my prattling on about minor crap.  All in all, Flushed is a pretty polish with a lot of beautiful shimmer action going on.  It is definitely worth checking out if you are a purple lover!

On to the pics!

Here's Cult Nails Flushed (three coats) in direct sunlight, no flash:

Here's Flushed in indirect day light, no flash:

And here it is in my "light box" *snort*, no flash:

And, finally, here it is under my desk lamp, no flash:

See what I mean?  Stunning in all lighting situations!

You can pick up your very own bottle of Cult Nails Flushed directly from Cult Nails' website here.  You can also purchase Flushed from Harlow & Co. here.  Happy shopping!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!


  1. I adore Flushed so much! It is awesome on you! I hate your brush was a hot mess. I think mine was fine, but I have had brushes like that before and they make you want to scream. I think I have some CN type brush situations that I could send you to replace it pal! (the ones from Daphne are the same).

    1. Thanks! Hmmm I'm glad your brush was ok at least. :) Ohhh, I have some bottles from D...that's a good idea. I may just replace it with one of those!

  2. Flushed is such a nice polish and I love it on you.

    1. Thanks Kristy! <3 It's very pretty...reminds me a bit of Claire's Magic!