Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ninja Polish Shillelagh

Hey everyone!  I hope you're having a fine Wednesday evening.

Today I am showing off Ninja Polish Shillelagh from Ninja Polish's Enigma collection, which was released earlier this year.  This is my very first Ninja Polish purchase (along with Divinity and Mystic Glacier, also from the Enigma collection), so I am quite excited!  I had heard lovely things about the Enigma polishes prior to purchasing and I have to say, Shillelagh really lives up to the hype.

Shillelagh is a stunning medium green color shifting shimmer polish.  This polish is so pretty but so difficult to photograph lol.  I did my best but, as usual, I don't think my pics do this polish enough of the justice it deserves.  It must be seen in person to be believed!  I had read that the Enigma polishes were incredibly pigmented and require no "underwear". I only used two coats of Shillelagh for this mani, so that claim definitely holds true.  Shillelagh's formula was nice and smooth; I have no complaints.  It does dry on the matte side, so I slapped some quick dry top coat over it for maximum shine.

Shillelagh shifts from a beautiful army green and gold to a lovely deep, almost blue-y green with intense glowing shimmer.  Ah heck, I am crap at describing it but you will see what I mean in the pics.

And speaking of pics...on to them!  I took over 80 pictures of Shillelagh trying to capture her beauty, however, I managed to pare that down to 7 for this blog post.  BE THANKFUL! :p

Here's Ninja Polish Shillelagh (two coats by itself):

This pic was taken outdoors in natural day light (no sun and no flash).  It is a bit out of focus but I wanted to show how it looked in this light.

The next two pictures were taken in my light box (aka the refrigerator lol), no flash.  Check out that gold shimmer:

The picture below was taken in my "office" with a desk lamp, no flash.  You can really see the army green + gold thing Shillelagh has going on here:

The next pics were also taken in the same room as the desk lamp, no flash.  You can kind of see that blue-y green I was mentioning earlier in these pics.

And here's one last picture for good measure...also taken in the office:

If you're a green lover, it is safe to say you need this polish!

You can pick up your very own bottle of Ninja Polish Shillelagh on Ninja Polish's site here

And since I am on the subject of Ninja Polish, I should mention that they were excellent!  They processed my order the same evening I had placed it and shipped it out the very next day.  Color me impressed!  My Ninja Polish package also arrived in the mail to me in record time.  I had to rave because this is such rare and excellent customer service from an online polish retailer.  Very pleasant experience!

As always thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful evening! <3