Sunday, 7 July 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Chanel Taboo & Femme Fatale Edge of the Cosmos

Happy Purple Shimmer Sunday, folks!  Be sure to check out what Jenny and Kristy have going on today at Lavish Layerings and The Polish Haven!

Today I am sharing a couple of polishes with you.  Firstly is Chanel Taboo.  Oh how I lusted after this polish for quite some time and snatched it up as soon as it was in stores here haha.  Taboo is a very deep blue-based purple with little bits of purple and blue shimmer in it.  It is much lovelier than I could ever hope to capture.  The formula on Taboo was excellent, by the way.  Taboo went on in two smooth coats...this polish is so pigmented that you could probably get away with one coat (!!!) but I opted for two this time around.  I also really enjoy the Chanel brush; it is nice and thin, the way I like 'em! 

I think Taboo is stunning and worth every hard-earned penny.  Hopefully the next time I wear it, I'll be able to get a better pic.  I think it bubbled on me a bit this time though it is probably my fault.  I have to shake my bottle shaking habit.  Get it?  Bahahaha.  I crack myself up.

Here's my pic of Taboo (two coats) in natural day light, no flash:

The next polish I have to share with you guys is Femme Fatale Edge of the Cosmos.  This polish is seriously pretty.  It has a lot going on in it too!  Edge of the Cosmos features larger holographic circle glitter, holographic star glitter, holographic half moon glitter as well as a multitude of small-to-miniscule holographic glitter.  It is basically one giant holographic glitter bomb in a very pigmented purple base.  It really DOES look like space!

Edge of the Cosmos' formula was thinner than I was expecting for such a glittery polish but that's good.  It makes layering easier and you don't have to dab anything on.  I do need to express my frustration with the fact that I found it very difficult to fish out the star, half moon and circle glitters to get them on to my nails in the first place.  They're what make this polish and I really struggled to get them out of the bottle and on to my made me sad!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fish out any of the large holographic circle glitter, which is a shame.  I really wanted to see that on my nails.  Maybe next time!

I decided to put two coats of Edge of the Cosmos over my two coats of Chanel Taboo.  While I do like how this looks, I sort of regret layering Edge of the Cosmos.  The base of Edge of the Cosmos is so pigmented that you could easily wear three coats of it on its own and I am positive it would look glorious.  I also feel because Taboo is so dark, that it kind of made the glitters in Edge of the Cosmos more difficult to see.  Live and learn, huh?  Next time, I will definitely be wearing Edge of the Cosmos on its own.

Here's FF Edge of the Cosmos (two coats) over Chanel Taboo (two coats) in natural day light, no flash:

Thumb shot so you can see all of the gorgeous holographic micro glitter:

You can pick up Chanel Taboo anywhere that sells Chanel products.  Taboo is not limited edition, thankfully, so you don't have to worry about it disappearing if you want to wait to pick it up.

Femme Fatale Edge of the Cosmos can be purchased directly through the Femme Fatale Cosmetics website if you are in Australia or you can purchase it from Llarowe if you are in North America.

As always, thanks for popping by! <3  Have a great evening!


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    1. Agreed! It was well worth the wait/anticipation :)

  2. Taboo is hawt!! And I am now in love with Edge of the Cosmos. I thought I could avoid that one, but nope...grrrrr!!

    1. hehe sorreh! ;) I would love to see Edge of the Cosmos on your fab nails though! *hint hint*