Sunday, 28 July 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Essence Alice Had a Vision...Again

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Today for Purple Shimmer Sunday, I am showing off Essence's Alice Had a Vision...Again.  But before I go any further, don't forget to check out what Jenny (Lavish Layerings) and Kristy (The Polish Haven) have in store for today!

Alice Had a Vision...Again (AHaVA) was released as part of a collection that Essence put out in conjunction with the film: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.  As a fellow purple polish lover, Kristy snagged one of these and sent it my way!  This polish was limited edition, however, it could likely be found via blog sales and/or ebay.

AHaVA is a beautiful blackened-purple jelly nail polish with tiny bits of purple, blue and pale gold/champagne glass fleck glitter in it.  This polish has a lot going on!  AHaVA was a bit thick for my tastes, so I thinned it a bit.  Unfortunately, I absolutely detested this polish's short, wide, mop-like brush that made application for me very frustrating.  It didn't matter how much I tried to wipe off the excess polish on the mouth of the bottle, big globs of polish always ended up at the tip of the brush.  Needless to say, application was a complete mess for me haha.  Thankfully, that's what clean up is for.  But still, brushes like that make me cringe...give me a long, skinny brush any day!  As far as opacity goes for AHaVA, it was surprisingly pigmented.  The first coat seemed a bit sheer, however, the second coat evened it all out nicely.  I put on an additional third coat because I felt like it but not because I needed to.  You could certainly stop at two coats with this polish.

Despite application and brush issues, this polish is very beautiful and very difficult for me to capture on my camera.  I did my best though.  On to the pics!

Essence Alice Had a Vision...Again (three coats) taken in natural day light, no flash:

The following picture was taken in my fridge (lol yes, still), no flash:

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