Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OPI DS Couture

Happy hump day everyone!

It has only recently been sunny enough for me to FINALLY bust out some holographic polishes.  I've been dying over here, man. 

Tonight I decided to go with OPI DS Couture as I've had it for ages and it has sadly gone untried.  I am bound and determined to get all of my OPI holographic polishes, especially the Designer Series set, swatched completely, so there you go!

OPI DS Couture is a lovely orange-y coral holographic polish.  I have to say...I noticed some other pics online make DS Couture look much redder than it actually is.  Not sure what's up with that but my bottle is definitely more on the orange-y coral side.  Though it wouldn't surprise me if there was more than one version of DS Couture floating around out there.  It's not like it hasn't happened with OPI before...*coughMyPrivateJetcough*.

Much like the other OPI DS holos, Couture isn't super in-your-face linear like the Layla holos and their ilk.  I like that about them!  Not being crazy linear makes these polishes a dream to apply.  They practically apply themselves and go on like butter.  I have yet to wear an OPI DS holo that has given me any sort of trouble in the application department.  And, to boot, they're not fussy like linear holos and don't require any special base or top coat to look amazing...they just are amazing all on their own.

DS Couture was surprisingly more pigmented than I expected for a lighter holo.  It definitely could be a two coater, but I used three just to be on the safe side.

Anyhoo, enough of my prattling...on to the pic!

Here's OPI DS Couture, taken in directly sun light (three coats):

Anyone out there also an OPI DS holo hoarder like myself?  I think I have just about all of them and most of them were acquired through the art of dustying.  I miss dustying!! :(  Kinda sucks when you've cleaned out every nail salon within a 200 km radius lol.  I need to go on a dusty roadtrip!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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