Thursday, 18 July 2013

Layla Misty Blush

Hey everyone, happy Thursday!

Today I am super pumped to share a HOLO with you.  The sun decided to peek out and I actually had the opportunity to take advantage of it for once.  It has been pretty darned rainy here this summer, so I haven't really had a chance to put on my beautiful holos as a result...cue the violins! lol.

Layla Misty Blush was released in 2012 as part two of Layla's Hologram Effect collection.  Misty Blush is a beautiful dusty, red-leaning purple linear holo.  There's not much to say about Misty Blush other than I adore it.  It is very holo in the sun and in indoor lighting.  She's a beaut! 

I decided to apply Misty Blush over an aqua base (Makeup Store Aqua Fix to be exact) to achieve maximum holo-y goodness and ease of application.  I think Aqua Fix did a nice job of making Misty Blush easy to apply.  The first coat of Misty Blush went on sheer, but not patchy and everything evened out by the second coat.  I added a third coat just because I felt like it.  I thought about stopping at two but I couldn't help myself haha.

I didn't use top coat for my pics as I was afraid that the holo might get dulled as other folks have experienced with Seche Vite.  I did put on Sally Hansen Insta-Dri after I took the pics, however, and didn't notice any significant dulling, so that's awesome!

On to the pics!

Here's Misty Blush (three coats).  All of these pics were taken in direct sun light, no flash.  Please excuse the shadows in some of my pics' it's the shadow my stupid camera was casting *sigh*.

Pretty, right??  You can pick up your own bottle of Misty Blush online at Harlow & Co., which is where I bought my bottle from, or you can also purchase it through Nail Polish Canada (they have super fast shipping if you live in Canada).

USA peeps can get these online at AveYou.  Happy shopping!

As always, thanks for stopping by!! <3