Sunday, 30 June 2013

Purple Shimmer Sunday: Jessica Venus Was Her Name

Happy Sunday everyone!

If you're a Canuck like me, I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and are able to get out tomorrow evening to see some Canada Day fireworks!  And if you live where I do, you are probably melting in to a puddle right now -- it is HOT out today.

It's Purple Shimmer Sunday again!  The week sure does fly by quickly, doesn't it?  Don't forget to check out The Polish Haven and Lavish Layerings to see what Kristy and Jenny have in store for today! 

Today I want to share Jessica Venus Was Her Name with you guys.  VWHN is a really lovely smoky gray/dusty purple polish with a lovely pinky/purple hint of shimmer that only really comes out to play when the sun hits it.

Application on VWHN was fine.  The first coat went on a bit streaky but it really evened out beautifully by the second coat.  People with better application skills than me could probably get away with two coats with this polish.  I did three though just to be on the safe side.

I really like this polish!  It seems very work-appropriate for those who have to be concerned with that sort of thing (thankfully, I don't) and it really packs a beautiful punch in the sun.  Indoors, this polish mostly looks gray/dusty purple. 

On to the pics!  Both of these pics were taken outdoors, no flash in the full mid-day sun for maximum shimmer showiness hehe.  VWHN (three coats):

Now I have this song stuck in my head...

VWHN can be purchased directly through Jessica Cosmetics' website here and probably by a million sellers on ebay lol.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! <3