Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pretty Serious Daphne's Birthday Party

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I have a very special polish to share with you...Pretty Serious Daphne's Birthday Party (DBP).  This polish was created by the lovely Kaz of Pretty Random and Pretty Serious fame!  DBP was created in commemoration of Pretty Serious' first birthday.  "Daphne" is the cartoon character/Pretty Serious mascot you see on the boxes that the Pretty Serious polishes come in, among many other things.  I love Daphne's design...she is adorable!

Anyway, Kaz has invited everyone who has purchased a bottle of DBP to join Pretty Serious in a global celebration of sorts by posting their very own swatches of DBP on their blog/twitter/facebook/instagram/tumblr/pretty much any and all social media outlet you can think of.  I think this is pretty neat/fun idea, so I am def in! ;)

DBP is a cool polish!  It is a multi-colored glitter bomb of awesomeness!  DPB mostly features red, yellow, blue, green and pink (I'm probably forgetting a few here) small hex glitters in a clear base.  This polish is much more dense than I was expecting.  You could definitely achieve full opacity in 3 coats if you wanted to.  Formula was good, it wasn't too thick or thin and you definitely got a lot of bang for your buck with each brushstroke as many glitters were dispensed at once.

On to the pic!  Here's two coats of DBP over two coats of American Apparel Hassid:

Fun, right????

You can pick up your very own bottle of DBP at Pretty Serious' website (and they ship worldwide, woot!) or at Llarowe.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post...this polish is definitely a birthday party in a bottle and I love it!  And a big happy first birthday to Pretty Serious!  I can't wait to see what Pretty Serious releases in the coming year!


  1. Beautiful & your nails are looking fabulous right now

  2. Replies
    1. ^_^ thanks! I really dig it over black...this polish is like MAAH only better because the silver doesn't seem to overpower the other glitters.