Saturday, 8 December 2012

One Miiiiilllliiiiiiooooonnnn Pics of One Mani

You know what's awesome?  Flakies.  And you know what's even more awesome than flakies?  Flakies layered over color-morphing topcoats.  Oh yes!

My lovely pal Jenny of Lavish Layerings' fame recently suggested that I try the following as a mani since I was running on empty in the mani idea department: layer Cult Nails Seduction over Clarins 230 over Essie No More Film as the base.  Challenge accepted!  She predicted I would love it and boy was she ever right!  Jenny posted a similar mani back in May, check it out here: Layering with Clarins 230 and Cult Nails Seduction.

Essie No More Film is a lovely shade of blurple (similar to OPI Sapphire in the Snow but lighter/dustier in my opinion) that was released as part of last year's resort collection.  No More Film is an excellent one-coater and is quickly becoming one of my favorite layering cremes.

Clarins 230 is a polish that really requires no introduction.  Many folks call this "unicorn pee" due to its VHTF status in the polish community.  It goes for crazy ass amounts on evilbay even though it has many great dupes available lately, such as Nail Pattern Boldness' Boop-Oop-a-Dupe (available exclusively on Llarowe) and Max Factor's Fantasy Fire.

Cult Nails Seduction is a gorgeous multicolor flakie in a purple jelly base that was also release this past year as part of  the Divas and Dramas collection.  This polish IS limited edition but still available (for the moment) on the Cult Nails store.

So yeah, here's a buttload of pics of pretty much the same thing over and over, I hope you love it as much as I did!  I tried my best to capture the red-to-orange-to-green shifts in my pics but it was tough.  I hope I did this many a bit of justice haha.

Crappy pic but check out that green shift!

Thanks for popping by!