Sunday, 30 September 2012

CrowsToes Cheshire

Long time, no blog!  I'm going to keep this (relatively) short and sweet tonight....which is probably a good thing since I have a tendency to go on and on sometimes haha.

I've been dying to put on CrowsToes Cheshire ever since I acquired it back in June.  Untrieds have a way of piling up on me, so I am pleased to finally have this one on my nails.  Cheshire was one of the first polishes released by CrowsToes and it is lovely.  It is a wonderful mix of tiny purple, magenta and silver holographic hex glitters with larger magenta square glitter and larger yellow hex glitter thrown in for good measure.  I love the combination of these colors.  The yellow hex glitters really stand out against the purples! 

The application on Cheshire was good for me.  Maybe I'm just accustomed to the consistency of CrowsToes polishes, which ARE a bit thicker than others but only because they are so jam packed full of glittery awesomeness.  I used the dabbing method for application as mentioned in some of my previous posts.  It worked out great, as usual!

I'm wearing one coat of CrowsToes Cheshire over two coats of China Glaze Urban Night which was part of the fall 2011 Metro collection.  Application on Urban Night was good; it was fully opaque in two coats and went on very smoothly. 

On to the pic!  Please excuse my haggard cuticles here, sighhhhhh.

CrowsToes polishes are available for purchase on Llarowe and Overall Beauty.  You can keep up with the latest CrowsToes creations on the blog, The Polished Crow

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blosphere, have a great evening!


  1. *drools* sexy purple polish

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