Thursday, 13 September 2012

CrowsToes Absolum - Your Potions Master


I am excited you guys!  This mani is the hotness, and I don't usually say that about my nails...I have nail image issues I guess lol.  Anyhoo, I've had CT Absolum (calling it that for short to save on some typing) for quite some time now and only recently got around to actually wearing it, though I have fondled and oogled my bottle on numerous occasions already.  Don't look at me like that!  That's normal behavior for a polish addict right?  Right?!?

People!  Absolum is seriously freaking gorgeous!  It has green, orange, blue, silver, black and silver holographic hex glitter and black bar glitter in a clear base.  It is magical on the nail.  I'm wearing it in these pics over Essie's No More Film from this past Spring's resort collection I believe.  No More Film is a wonderful one-coater, by the way.  I was so pleased with the application on No More Film; it practically applied itself!  This one is a keeper and it may even be backup-worthy.

Ok, so here's the thing about Absolum: it is so jam packed with glitterbomb goodness that it is very thick.  That's just fine with me, I like a challenge!  I thinned my bottle of Absolum with Seche Restore prior to application.  Since Absolum is so thick, it requires more patience than you may be used to.  I put one coat of Absolum over No More Film and applied it very carefully using Spit & Polish's dabbing method and it worked beautifully.  This polish is SO worth the extra effort, I cannot stress that enough!  The only thing that I wish I had done a bit differently with this mani, and you can't tell in my pics, is to use more top coat.  This is one honnnnggggrrraaaaayyyyy glitter!  I still managed to get it pretty smooth by using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails top coat with a coat of Seche Vite over that, but it could have been smoother.  Ah well, live and learn. 

As usual, I've jabbered for too long....on to the pics!

So, are you convinced yet that the lovely Lauri of The Polished Crow is a genius yet??  I think she is!  You can follow her blog for updates on her latest creations...I am crazy excited for her Halloween collection!

You can purchase CrowsToes polishes through Llarowe and Overall Beauty, happy shopping!

As always, I hope everyone has a fantastic evening...thanks for stopping by! <3


  1. This looks fabulous on you! Thanks for the shout out lady pal!! <3 <3

    1. aw thanks pally! And you're welcome...I think you explain the dabbing method perfectly! ~_^

  2. Nice combo, the husband says it looks like opal ;-)

    1. thanks Kristy! :) I like that your DH compared it to opals...opals are my fave because they are gorgeous AND they're my birthstone.