Sunday, 29 July 2012

Jade Holografico Magia Negra

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope your summer has been treating you well thus far.  I haven't had any real chunk of time off from work yet, so I am super excited that the hubby and I will be taking a little road trip to the US some time next month.  I plan on hauling my little polish-loving heart out!  Anyone else have any exciting plans??

Anyhoo, on to the polish!  Today I have Jade Holografico Magia Negra...a black holographic polish!  In the past year, holographic polishes hailing from Brazil have been a pretty huge deal in the polish world.  First, Hits released their No Olimpo holographic collection which included a black holo (Zeus), and recently, in Jade's Holografico line, Magia Negra was released. 

Magia Negra is so flippin' fabulous, I have to say.  I am wearing two coats of Magia Negra in my NOTD pic below.  No undies, just two coats of black holo fabulousness (topped off with Seche Vite, and no, it didn't dull the holo effect...huzzah!).  Magia Negra's formula was smooth as butter and it has the same kind of sorta-linear/sorta-scattered holo thing happening that most of the OPI DS holos have.  So pretty! 

I highly encourage anyone who is a black holo lover to run and buy Magia Negra, you won't be sorry you did.  Jade holographic polishes are available for purchase at Llarowe, which is where I picked my bottle up!

Ok, so sorry for the long-winded's the pic!!

It is seriously so much more impressive in person, so I hope my pic does it at least an ounce of justice lol.

Here's a quick nail wheel swatch I did of Magia Negra to show how opaque it is.  LOOK at how opaque it is even on the first coat...insanity I tell ya!!

As always, thanks for checking out my little blog! <3

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