Sunday, 8 July 2012

Jade Holografico Fascinio Violeta

Happy Sunday folks!  It looks like summer has officially arrived in Canada as it is currently a sweltering 29c (that's 84f for my American friends <3) here right now.  I am positively melting!

We haven't had a really nice and hot summer here like this in a few years.  Last year, it rained here most of the summer and I think we only went above 25c maybe twice.  Either way, I love warm I'll take this!  And since it's warm, that means the sun is out at full force lately...which can only mean one thing: HOLO NAIL POLISH TIME!!! *happy dance*

Today I have Jade Holografico Fascinio Violeta to share with you.  I am absolutely smitten with this polish.  I adore OPI DS Original, but THIS polish is what I wanted DS Original to yeah, it's pretty fab.  I ordered this polish through Llarowe, so that's where you folks can procure it as well.  I believe Jade is another amazing Brazilian polish brand.  Must be something in the water over there where they make freaking awesome holographic polishes!

I'm wearing 2 coats here with a coat of Seche Vite over top.  As you can see, no holo dullage here!  I will say that the application was pretty good, but I did have to stop and thin my bottle a bit.  After thinning Fascinio Violeta, it went on like butter though!  This is an interesting polish, it's mostly linear but it looks a bit scattered in my pic.  But enough of my jabbering, check it out for yourself:

As always, thanks for stopping by!  I hope the summer has been treating you well! <3