Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ozotic 528 & Flormar U33

Well, well, well....what do we have here?  A new blog post!

I wasn't actually going to blog this mani because my camera battery was dead when this mani was fresh but a friend asked me to take some pics of it today so I did.  For that reason, you will have to forgive the dry-ish cuticles and tipwear.  Sorreh!

I received Flormar U33 almost a year ago now from the lovely Kristy of The Polish Haven.  U33 is gorgeous, I wish I had a pic of it alone to share but I don't.  It's almost like a glass flecked version of Ozotic 505.  Yeah, picture that for a minute.  HOTNESS!!!  To see some beautiful pics of U33, Kristy (as mentioned above) has a lovely pic of it in her blog archive.

As a means to get through my untrieds more quickly (so many untrieds!!!), I like to layer polishes when I can.  I decided that Ozotic 528 would be a good one to put on over Flormar U33.  The following pic spam is the result of said layering experiment.  I am in loooooove!!  I hope my pics do this mani an ounce of justice haha.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting! <3


  1. Yup, totally the HOTNESS - great combination, I love both of these polishes so hard

    1. Thanks Kristy! I love both of those polishes big time! Can't thank you enough for sending U33 my way <3