Sunday, 13 May 2012

OPI La Boheme

I have a treat for you guys today....OPI La Boheme from the 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection (Man of La Mancha and Movin' Out are also from this collection!).  I received a decant of this polish from the lovely Kesha at Nail Polish Obsession as part of a Christmas exchange this past winter (thanks again chickie! <3). 

Anyhoo, La Boheme is crazy expensive on the bay of evil so I am super lucky to have a decant of it.  Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Emerald is supposedly a dupe and is also kinda pricey on ebay...sigh!  I wish these polishes were more readily available at reasonable prices, but alas. 

My pictures of La Boheme do it no justice whatsoever, it is absolutely stunning in person, especially in the sunlight. :)  You can't see it in these pics but La Boheme kind of transitions between a super glowy burgundy-ish red to a glowly, almost orange-y red.  It is stunning!

You'll have to excuse my application here, kinda sloppy, I'll admit lol.  Also the black I'm wearing under La Boheme (Finger Paints Black Expressionism) stained my damned cuticles...I'll have to be more careful the next time I put that on haha. 


  1. ♥♥♥ my love ♥♥♥ great pics too

  2. thanks Kristy! <3 It is much more beautiful than I could have imagined!

  3. day I will find this! So amazing!