Sunday, 27 May 2012

Artform 513

Happy Sunday, folks!  Today I wanted to share Artform 513 with you.  It's gorgeous purple holo-y goodness!  If I understand correctly, Artform is no longer being produced.  The Ozotic and Chemistry equivalents (also called 513) are both dupes though.  Sad news about that, however, is Ozotic is officially discontinuing the 500 series polishes, so I'm not sure how much longer this beauty will be available :(

Anyhoo, there's not much I can say about this since I am busy drooling and staring at my nails.  I love purple and I love holographic polishes, so this is a huge win for me!  This is 3 coats of 513 by itself.  I have seen some amazing layering combos with this polish, so that's a good way to conserve the pretty.  Application was a bit goopy but I was too lazy to get up and thin it.  I suspect if I had done so, it would have been a lot better haha.  Other than that, no complaints!

Ok, enough jabbering...pic time!

As always, thanks for stopping by!!


  1. This polish makes me drool. I'm so glad I have it, or I would be lemming it now!

    1. haha yeah, it's making me drool too and distracting me at work! :) Thank goodness you have it, it is absolutely beautiful and Top 10-worthy!