Wednesday, 28 March 2012

2-in-1 OPI Time-less is More and OPI DS Shimmer

I'm kind of doing a 2-in-1 post today because I'm lazy and that's how I roll.  OPI Time-less is More is a lovely off-white jelly.  I really like it though I found it needed a solid 3 coats to get it to look even.  I really enjoyed using Time-less is More for a jelly sammich I did with Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party a few weeks back.  Good times!

OPI DS Shimmer is my love and I adore it so much!  Fab holo that I recommend using to HOLO ALL THE THINGS rather than wearing it on its own since it is very sheer.  DS Shimmer is, sadly, a bit tough to come by as it has been long-discontinued for many moons now (thanks Suzi! heh).  I highly suggest dustying at your local nail salons for this gem rather than paying obscene amounts of money for it on the bay of evil.  Dustying works, people!!  I have dustied 4 bottles of DS Shimmer in my time, so it's worth a try...right?

Anyhoo, enough jabbering...pic time!

OPI Time-less is More (3 coats), pardon my wonkified index fingernail kthxbai.

And here is OPI DS Shimmer over OPI Time-less is More.  Yummeh white holographic goodness!

Thanks for coming by to check out my little ole' blog!


  1. SHIMMER *drools* Why can't I find you dammit!

    :) Such a pretty and delicate mani! It looks bangin on you my dear!